Partnership SFUCHAS - Medical University Innsbruck (MUI)

After a short visit to IFAKARA in March 2012 and discussions with the Rector of the Medical School SFUCHAS Prof. Kassian Magori the plan to establish an official cooperation with MUI was initiated.

University of Innsbruck The usefulness of such a cooperation would include a participation of lecturers from MUI for the clinical part of the teaching program of SFUCHAS. After that a discussion with Prof. Herbert Lochs, Rector of MUI took place. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the two rectors at the beginning of October.

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There is one point to stress: The condition and the equipment of the anatomical theatre have to be called excellent and meet European standards. Based on this Memorandum of Understanding Dr. Bernhard Frischhut, a member of our association started a series of lectures in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology for two weeks in October 2012 in cooperation with the local orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Kiwelu. On top of that a series of lectures was given for the Assistant Medical Officers (AMO) as well.

Dr. Bernhard Frischhut and Fr. Achille Ndege,Vize-Principal of SFUCHAS Further plans: It seems to be most important to develop a further cooperation between SFUCHAS and MUI. A meeting to inform the members of MUI is planned in order to recruit guest lecturers. The possibility of scientific cooperation was also discussed.

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