The two indefatigable in action

Christine Schennach: From 4/9 to 12/10/2016
Gerti Beck: From 4/9 to 16/9/2016

Christine and Gerti together with Fr. Achilleus Ndege in front of the memorial stone of the foundation of St. Francis Hospital (1930)

*Service of the mortuary-refrigeration and of 3 laundry machines

*Further service of the emergency generator. It has to be done after 300 operating hours. Electricity breakdowns occuring frequently in Ifakara; so the emergency generator is in action very often.

*Repair of the osmosis plant-compressor

*The solar plant broke down again. Christine found out that the plant needed to be refilled every morning with water. Since then it has been working properly.

*Repair of the showers and the sinks in the labour ward

*Medikaments and Venflons had been brought by Gerti Beck

*Gerti worked in the internal wards and in the Sonography Department again and took care of the students.

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