Christine und Dr. Michael Kuenstle

Christine: 8/5 - 27/6/2019
Dr. Michael Kuenstle: 8/5 - 15/6/2019

*Dr. Michael Künstle, Pediatrician from Voels in Tirol, assisted on the Paedriatic Department. He learned a lot about tropical diseases and shared his long-standing experience with the doctors and nurses of St. Francis Hospital.

*Christine: Her challenge was mainly to keep the devices, which has been
delivered from our associatieon in the past years, in good shape. Especially the
emergency generator needed a thorough overhaul.
*A car, co-financed from MIVA Austria, St. Francis Hospital and private donors and
40 boxes,containing bed linen and blankets (donated by the St. Vincent Sisters in
Zams) had to be taken through the customs bureaucracy and brought out of the harbour
in Dar es Salaam, a lengthy procedure. It could be finished by the Hospital
Management not before 4 weeks after our departure.
*Hygiene control on all wards.
*Financing of hospital fees for several poor patients, especially

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