Our both tireless aiders Christine and Gerti

Christine Schennach 11.10. until 27.11.2019
Dr. Gerti Beck 11.10. until 6.11.2019

The financial situation of the hospital is very precarious at the moment, because the government has reduced the treatment costs for patients and consequently hospital's income. So it was very important for us to help to reduce the running costs by delivering daily needed consumables and maintenance of essential equipment.

For the wards 360 mosquito nets, 20 matress covers, pillow cases, disinfectants, dressing material, milk for newborn babies, syringes and needles esp. venflons, a large amount of sheets (donated by the Order of the Merciful Sisters in Zams), many medicaments esp. antibiotics, heart medicines and pain killers.
Hygiene control, assistence on the wards, assistence in the training of doctors and nurses, so Dr. Gerti Beck held a training course on stroke.

Surgical instruments, wound care material, esp. for burns, elastic bandages, laryngoscopes, sutures, emergency equipment.

Repair of 2 laundry machines and service of the emergency generator, new cooling unit for the mortuary and numerous minor repairs.

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