Christine und Dr. Michael Kuenstle
Christine: 8/5 - 27/6/2019 Dr. Michael Kuenstle: 8/5 - 15/6/2019
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Our reliable duo Christine and Gerti in action.
Christine 12/10 till 25/11/2018 Gerti 5/11 till 25/11/2018 In addition to many other tasks, Christine had to organize numerous repairs of devices delivered by our organisation.
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Max Aricochi assisting at the eye clinic
Max Aricochi, optician at the company "Isser Optik" in Innsbruck, has brought many important devices for the diagnosis of visual acuity and other eye diseases.
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The two indefatigable in action
Christine Schennach: From 4/9 to 12/10/2016 Gerti Beck: From 4/9 to 16/9/2016
Christine Schennach and Gerti Beck May-June 2016
Christine Schennach: From 7/05 to 28/06/2016
Gerti Beck: From 7/05 to 25/05/2016
This time they focused on service work and fight with the bureaucracy.

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