Current projects in favour of the hospital

A new photovoltaic system

22. Oct. 2020 | In order to relieve the hospital financially, but also for environmental reasons, we would like to install a photovoltaic system.


Dr. Raphael Dominick Mkombozi will become specialist for Internal Medicine

18. Nov. 2018 | In the area of Ifakara there is a serious shortage of doctors.


Smaller purchases

20. Oct. 2017 | To maintain the daily works in the hospital we bought - together with the Irish student organisation MOVE - a number of small but important devices


New ventilator machine for the Intensive Care Unit

17. Jan. 2017 | The Anesthesiologist of St. Francis Hospital Dr. Thomas Mwazya and his colleagues are trained on the new device by a technician of KASMedics Company.


A new waste water bowser for St. Francis Hospital

10. Jan. 2015 | An unspectacular, but important project.


A new C-arm for St. Francis Hospital

20. Sep. 2014 | In St. Francis Hospital lots of bone fractures are treated and operated. For this purpose, a C-arm is a big help. The position of the bone fragments can be checked during the operation. In this way, the duration of operations can be reduced considerably.


A new Ambulance Car for St. Francis Hospital

2. Jun. 2014 | Our association provided together with MIVA Austria a new ambulance car to St. Francis Hospital.


The water reservoirs in a new face

18. Jan. 2012 | The water reservoirs built by our association as part of the general renovation of the water system in 2012 are getting on in years. Now they are like new again.


A solar plant for St. Francis Hospital

14. Aug. 2010 | The costs for electricity at St. Francis Hospital are very high. The biggest electricity consumers are the cooler for the mortuary and the heating of water in the laundry. In the future, both systems are to be run by a solar plant which, so we expect, will reduce the electricity costs by a quarter.


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