Current projects in favour of the hospital

A new waste water bowser for St. Francis Hospital
January 2015
An unspectacular, but important project.
A new C-arm for St. Francis Hospital
In St. Francis Hospital lots of bone fractures are treated and operated. For this purpose, a C-arm is a big help. The position of the bone fragments can be checked during the operation. In this way, the duration of operations can be reduced considerably.
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A new Ambulance Car for St. Francis Hospital
2.Juni 2014
Our association provided together with MIVA Austria a new ambulance car to St. Francis Hospital.
August 2010 - A solar plant for St. Francis Hospital
The costs for electricity at St. Francis Hospital are very high. The biggest electricity consumers are the cooler for the mortuary and the heating of water in the laundry. In the future, both systems are to be run by a solar plant which, so we expect, will reduce the electricity costs by a quarter.
more on the solarplant

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