On May 20, 2007 the “International AIDS – Candlelight Memorial”, performed by the Kikumui Theatre Group, took place in Ifakara. This initiative was called into being by Dr. Jan Fehr, Dr. Marcel Stoeckle and Edgar Ikongoli. The theatre ensemble consists of more than twenty young people from Ifakara. At regular intervals they tour the villages of the district on an altered lorry. With their impressive performances they make an important contribution to the AIDS education of the rural population of the Kilombero Valley. They give the audience a vivid and amusing description of the conflict between prejudice and modern preventive measures. The symbolic presentation of how different social forces fight the virus goes together with dancing and drum-beating. At the same time, information brochures are distributed. During these performances the visitors are offered the chance to undergo an AIDS – test with subsequent personal consultation. This group has been given backpacks donated by the Austrian Red Cross. These are carried by the actors during performances with pride.

...medical challenges

This is a fantasy performance of the HIV/Aids virus

Children attentively watching the performance

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