Conzert "New Piano Trio"

19.3.2017 The Lions Club Nordkette Innsbruck organized a charity concert in favour of our association with the internationally renowned "New Piano Trio".

Dr. Carlo Hasenöhrl, President of the Lions Club Nordkette Innsbruck succeded in signing up the internationally renowned "New Piano Trio" for a charity concert in favour of our association. The composer and violinist Florian Willeitner, the pianist Maria Radutu and the Cellist Ivan Turkalj offered a great program with works by Florian Willeitner.

The Trio with their unmistakable style offered - in spite of their modern approach - wunderful melodies and stirring rhythms. The explaining words of the 3 musicians were full of joyous self-mockery. The audience reacted enthusiastically and enforced 3 encores.

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