Annual Reports

In the theatre two new sterilisers were installed (2004)

1995 Christine and Wilfried Schennach visit Ifakara for the first time Delivery of suture material and operation instruments Assistance in theatre and wards Improvement of the hygienic situation 1996 Co-financing of a house for hospital employees Improvement of the Prosthesis Workshop Equipment for Premature Babies’ Ward 1999 1999 Weaving of linens 2000 - 2002 Training of doctors and nurses from Ifakara at St. Vinzenz Hospital in Zams 2001 Installation of an Observation Ward Delivery of operation lamps 2002 2002 34 patient beds with mattresses and coatings operation clothes, teaching material for nursing school 12 Anti Decubitus mattresses for ICU 2003 33 patient beds with mattresses and coatings 1 groundwater pump 2 big laundry machines 1 photocopier Weaving of linens Operating tables, suction machines 2004 1 colonoscope, 1 gastroscope 37 patient beds with mattresses and coatings Blood pressure meters 2 big sterilizers for the theatre from Belimed Comp. with a water treatment plant

2005 Training of 3 doctors to be specialists for Surgery, Internal Medicine and Paediatrics (until 2007) Training of an occupational therapist (until 2008) 1 year check of the two sterilizers by Belimed Comp. Renovation of paediatric wards Blood sugar meters with test stripes Hospital clothing and bales of cloth 3 sewing machines 2006 Operation linen and -clothes Blood sugar meters with test stripes 1 emergency generator (380 KVA) Pump for the water treatment plant Tools for the workshop 1 big laundry machine 2007 Training of 1 doctor to become a specialist in Orthopaedics and Traumatology (till 2009) 15 patient beds, 100 mattresses and coatings Weaving of 100 linens 2 Electrocardiographs 2 Cardiotocographs 6 Oxygen Concentrators 2 mobile X-ray machines (C-arms) 9 computers with accessories Blood pressure meters

The new haematology device 1 Sysmex Haematology device for the laboratory 1 Photocopier 100 mosquito nets X-ray machine for Dental Unit 1 palette of operating- and examination gloves Insulin and analgesics 2008 Training of 1 doctor to be a Assistant Medical Officer (duration of training: 1 year) 1 Automatic processor 10 X-ray cassettes Installation of an X-ray image intensifier (C-arm)

Fundi Kassim installs the C-arm Maintenance of the emergency generator 1 Biochemistry device for the laboratory (Vitros) Biochemistry reagents 1 Precision scales for the laboratory Air condition for biochemistry laboratory 1 Refrigerator and freezer for storing the reagents 2 stopwatches for the laboratory 1 Hematokrit centrifuge for paediatric department Antibiotics and painkillers (donation of Marien-pharmacy Schwaz) 2 Labelling devices (Brother) Renovation of the rooms of the X-ray department and of a staff house 2 diathermy units 2 dermatomes with accessory 1 mesh device with accessory 1 bone drilling machine with charger and storage batteries Tools for the workshop 500 oxygen masks with tubes 1 ophthalmoscope 54 impregnated mosquito nets

2009 Overhaul of both big sterilizers in the theatre Reparation work in the X-ray department Training of two employees of the hospital to be a cook and a lorry driver respectively Installation of an Occupational Therapy by Isabelle Hofstetter Assistance by the reopening of the prosthesis workshop Several adjustments (lorry, X-ray C-arm etc.) Overhaul of the emergency generator Air condition in the pharmacy and X-ray department Renovation of the X-ray room and installation of radiation protection measures Purchase and installation of a new X-ray machine Siemens "Mulitix-Swing"

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2010 1 modern Cystoskop Solar-plant to heat the water in the laundry and to cool the mortuary 1 borehole for a new deep well (100m) Water - bowser for waste water 3 computers, 2 printer, 1 scanner New tools for the workshop 670 sheets, coating for blankets, clothes for nurses 3 sewing machines Drugs and dressings 3500 X-ray films 1 suction machine 1 Anaesthesia device (Sulla) Furniture for theatre

2011 1 Gastroskop und 1 Coloskop with accessories 1 Urethrotoma of Fa. Storz Comp. Germany Flushing of 4 wells 2 Sulla Anaesthersia divices 3 Succion machines 1 X-ray processor 2 Identification devices for X-ray pictures 28 Computer2 for the students of the University Printer, fax devisce and scanner for Medical Director Office Furniture for the laboratory of the University 1500 trousers of different size Clothes for children necessary items for school children 1 new operation bed 211 Goretex covers for mattresses 100 mattresses storage batteries for Op. drilling machine Lamps für endoscopy and light source 1 Beamer (LCD Projektor) for meetings Repair of a pump for a deep well Repair of 2 laundry machines Education of a anaesthesia nurse Education of a specialist for Anaesthesia Education of a specialist for Surgery and Internal Medicine Education of a specialist for general medicine Start of education of a specialist for Urology

2012 2 Water-reservoirs à 50.000 liter 3 Pumps for already existing 100m wells Panelhouse for regulation of the pumps Start of education of a specialist for Orthopaedy and Traumatology Maintenance of the sterilizers, generator and solarplant Emergency generator for guesthouse and students´ hostel. Big washing machine for hospital-laundry

40 double buckets system for cleaning the floors Mattrasses for Tb ward 2 Shower cabins and lavatory for burn patients Computer, printer and scanner for mainstore Cooperation in the theatre, wards, X-ray and outpatient department Initiation of cooperation between SFUCHAS and Med. University Innsbruck/Tyrol Further sponsoring of training of 4 doctors to become specialists Co-financing of hospital costs for poor patients

2013 *Medicaments (analgesics, antibiotics) *Needles, butterflies and venflons *18 ear-thermometers *Dressing material *Osmosis plant for sterilizers, with protection fence, filters and 1000lt water tank *2 water pumps, 1 compressor for the sterilizers *Corrective works on the water project *Connection of staff houses and parts of the University with the water reservoirs *Protection fence around one of the water reservoirs *New cooling for the mortuary *New doors for X-ray Dept. and theatre III *Painting of rooms of the X-ray Dept. and theatre III *Maintenance of the emergency generator and the sterilizers *Lectures at SFUCHAS by members of the University of Innsbruck

2014 *Co-financing (with MIVA Austria) of a new ambulance car *Medicaments, esp. painkillers and antibiotics *Syringes, needles, butterflies and venflons *Financing of arteficial limbs for patients *Final works on the water project *Maintenance on former donated devices (emergency generator, sterilizers, laundry machines etc.) *Ultrasoud device donated by University Hospital Innsbruck (it arrived damaged in Ifakara and couldn't fixed so far)

*Mobile X-ray device of Siemens Comp.(C-arm) *Training of the staff to use the C-arm properly *Repair of 14 wheelchairs *Theatre cloths new classified and packed *Assistence of members of our association in the wards, the theatre and outpatient stations *Hygiene controll on all wards and theatre *Lectures on SFUCHAS about Cardiology *Financing of two doctors to become specialist (Dr. George Sadot for Orthopedics, Dr. Anthony Magoda for Urology) *Payment of hospital fees for poor patients

2015 *3 Microscopes *Roche Urysis 1100 *2 Adult Weighing Scales and 2 Neonatal Weighing Scales *1 Gradient Anaesthesia Analyzer *1 Graphnet Ventilator *3 Truescope 7'Monitors *1 Drilling Machine *3 Regulators for Oxygen Cylinder

1 Waste Water Bowser (together with the Irish Student Organisation UL Give) *Renovation of the toilettes- and washrooms of the wards *Repair of a sterilizer in the theatre and of the solar plant *Syringes and injection needles *Medicaments, esp. Antibiotics, Painkillers etc. *Sheets, donated by St. Vincent Sisters in Zams *Mattresses for Tumaini

Disposal of flood damages: Repair of the water pipe and of a part of the path way in the hospital area

Young patient with a crocodile bite *Assistance in treatment of patients in the wards *Further financing of two doctors to become spacialists *Financing of hospital fees for penniless patients

47 new mattresses and coats for Tumaini

2016 *Maintenance of the emergency generator *Repair of three laundry machines and of the solar plant *Payment of hospital fees for poor patients *Payment of University fees for two doctors to become specialists for Radiology and Orthopedy *Thigh prosthesis for a 16 years old patient

1 Tractor New Holland TD80 for waste water management, together with the Irish Student Organisation ULGive *Service of the cooling system in the mortuary *Repair of the showers in Labour Ward *Medicaments, Venflons 2017

*Full Blood Picture Device for the laboratory together with the Irish Student Organisation M.O.V. ("Medical Overseas Voluntary Electives") *10 Blood Pressure devices *Repair and maintenance of the emergency generator, the IPSO laundry machine and the X-Ray machine *300 bales of cotton wool for producing dressing material *Roof at the main gate for the security team (sun and rain protection) *40 Bandage scissors *Financing of the hospital fees for poor people *Medicaments, Venflons and cannulas

Tools for the workshop and a kit of biomechanical tools Reparair and a new pump for the Nazareti borehole 5 Oxygen concentrators 3 Suction machines for the theatre 1 Autoclav *400 Mosquito nets *200 Boxes investigation gloves *Bed linnen donated by the St. Vinzenz Nuns in Zams/Tirol *Sponsoring of the training of a doctor to become a specialist for Radiology *Numbers of small repairs

2018 *Power stabilizer for the X-ray device and installation of a cable from the power distributor to the X-ray *Service for the X-ray device *Spare parts and repair of several laundry machines *Repair of the ambulance car *New control panel for the emergency generator *Service of the solar plant, a new pump and two manometers inclusive *New roof for the workshop *Diathermy device for the theatre *10 Pulse Oxymeters *Gloves sterile and unsterile *1 Bone drill machine *Optical devices for the diagnosis of visual acuity *Eyeglasses *ECG paper *3 Blood pressure cuffs for the Schiller monitor *5 blood pressure devices *1 Ohmmeter for the workshop *Two computers for the administration *Financing the training of a doctor to become a specialist for Radiology *Sponsoring of penyless patients *Repair of 16 wheelchairs *Treatment material for Physiotherapy *Repair of one of the big sterilizers in the theatre *several small repairs

Two Tyrolian flags for the hospital forecourt

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