Annual Reports




  • Christine and Wilfried Schennach visit Ifakara for the first time
  • Delivery of suture material and operation instruments
  • Assistance in theatre and wards
  • Improvement of the hygienic situation


  • Co-financing of a house for hospital employees
  • Improvement of the Prosthesis Workshop
  • Equipment for Premature Babies’ Ward


  • 1999 Weaving of linens

2000 - 2002

  • Training of doctors and nurses from Ifakara at St. Vinzenz Hospital in Zams


  • Installation of an Observation Ward
  • Delivery of operation lamps


  • 2002 34 patient beds with mattresses and coatings
  • operation clothes, teaching material for nursing school
  • 12 Anti Decubitus mattresses for ICU


  • 33 patient beds with mattresses and coatings
  • 1 groundwater pump
  • 2 big laundry machines
  • 1 photocopier
  • Weaving of linens
  • Operating tables, suction machines


  • 1 colonoscope, 1 gastroscope
  • 37 patient beds with mattresses and coatings
  • Blood pressure meters
  • 2 big sterilizers for the theatre from Belimed Comp. with a water treatment plant


  • Training of 3 doctors to be specialists for Surgery, Internal Medicine and Paediatrics (until 2007)
  • Training of an occupational therapist (until 2008)
  • 1 year check of the two sterilizers by Belimed Comp.
  • Renovation of paediatric wards
  • Blood sugar meters with test stripes
  • Hospital clothing and bales of cloth
  • 3 sewing machines


  • Operation linen and -clothes
  • Blood sugar meters with test stripes
  • 1 emergency generator (380 KVA)
  • Pump for the water treatment plant
  • Tools for the workshop
  • 1 big laundry machine


  • Training of 1 doctor to become a specialist in Orthopaedics and Traumatology (till 2009)
  • 15 patient beds, 100 mattresses and coatings
  • Weaving of 100 linens
  • 2 Electrocardiographs
  • 2 Cardiotocographs
  • 6 Oxygen Concentrators
  • 2 mobile X-ray machines (C-arms)
  • 9 computers with accessories
  • Blood pressure meters
  • 1 Sysmex Haematology device for the laboratory
  • 1 Photocopier
  • 100 mosquito nets
  • X-ray machine for Dental Unit
  • 1 palette of operating- and examination gloves
  • Insulin and analgesics


  • Training of 1 doctor to be a Assistant Medical Officer (duration of training: 1 year)
  • 1 Automatic processor
  • 10 X-ray cassettes
  • Installation of an X-ray image intensifier (C-arm)
  • Maintenance of the emergency generator
  • 1 Biochemistry device for the laboratory (Vitros)
  • Biochemistry reagents
  • 1 Precision scales for the laboratory
  • Air condition for biochemistry laboratory
  • 1 Refrigerator and freezer for storing the reagents
  • 2 stopwatches for the laboratory
  • 1 Hematokrit centrifuge for paediatric department
  • Antibiotics and painkillers (donation of Marien-pharmacy Schwaz)
  • 2 Labelling devices (Brother)
  • Renovation of the rooms of the X-ray department and of a staff house
  • 2 diathermy units
  • 2 dermatomes with accessory
  • 1 mesh device with accessory
  • 1 bone drilling machine with charger and storage batteries
  • Tools for the workshop
  • 500 oxygen masks with tubes
  • 1 ophthalmoscope
  • 54 impregnated mosquito nets


Overhaul of both big sterilizers in the theatre

  • Reparation work in the X-ray department
  • Training of two employees of the hospital to be a cook and a lorry driver respectively
  • Installation of an Occupational Therapy by Isabelle Hofstetter
  • Assistance by the reopening of the prosthesis workshop
  • Several adjustments (lorry, X-ray C-arm etc.)
  • Overhaul of the emergency generator
  • Air condition in the pharmacy and X-ray department
  • Renovation of the X-ray room and installation of radiation protection measures
  • Purchase and installation of a new X-ray machine Siemens "Mulitix-Swing"



  • 1 modern Cystoskop
  • Solar-plant to heat the water in the laundry and to cool the mortuary
  • 1 borehole for a new deep well (100m)
  • Water - bowser for waste water
  • 3 computers, 2 printer, 1 scanner
  • New tools for the workshop
  • 670 sheets, coating for blankets, clothes for nurses
  • 3 sewing machines
  • Drugs and dressings
  • 3500 X-ray films
  • 1 suction machine
  • 1 Anaesthesia device (Sulla)
  • Furniture for theatre


  • 1 Gastroskop und 1 Coloskop with accessories
  • 1 Urethrotoma of Fa. Storz Comp. Germany
  • Flushing of 4 wells
  • 2 Sulla Anaesthersia divices
  • 3 Succion machines
  • 1 X-ray processor
  • 2 Identification devices for X-ray pictures
  • 28 Computers for students of the University
  • Printer, fax devisce and scanner for Medical Director Office
  • Furniture for the laboratory of the University
  • 1500 trousers of different size
  • Clothes for children
  • necessary items for school children
  • 1 new operation bed
  • 211 Goretex covers for mattresses
  • 100 mattresses
  • storage batteries for Op. drilling machine
  • Lamps für endoscopy and light source
  • 1 Beamer (LCD Projektor) for meetings
  • Repair of a pump for a deep well
  • Repair of 2 laundry machines
  • Education of a anaesthesia nurse
  • Education of a specialist for Anaesthesia
  • Education of a specialist for Surgery and Internal Medicine
  • Education of a specialist for general medicine
  • Start of education of a specialist for Urology


  • 2 Water-reservoirs à 50.000 liter
  • 3 Pumps for already existing 100m wells
  • Panelhouse for regulation of the pumps
  • Start of education of a specialist for Orthopaedy and Traumatology
  • Maintenance of the sterilizers, generator and solarplant
  • Emergency generator for guesthouse and students´ hostel.
  • Big washing machine for hospital-laundry
  • 40 double buckets system for cleaning the floors
  • Mattrasses for Tb ward
  • 2 Shower cabins and lavatory for burn patients
  • Computer, printer and scanner for mainstore
  • Cooperation in the theatre, wards, X-ray and outpatient department
  • Further sponsoring of training of 4 doctors to become specialists
  • Co-financing of hospital costs for poor patients


  • Medicaments (analgesics, antibiotics)
  • Needles, butterflies and venflons
  • 18 ear-thermometers
  • Dressing material
  • Osmosis plant for sterilizers, with protection fence, filters and 1000lt water tank
  • 2 water pumps, 1 compressor for the sterilizers
  • Corrective works on the water project
  • Connection of staff houses and parts of the University to the water reservoirs
  • Protection fence around one of the water reservoirs
  • New cooling for the mortuary
  • New doors for X-ray Dept. and theatre III
  • Painting of rooms of the X-ray Dept. and theatre III
  • Maintenance of the emergency generator and the sterilizers
  • Lectures at SFUCHAS by members of the University of Innsbruck


  • Co-financing (with MIVA Austria) of a new ambulance car
  • Medicaments, esp. painkillers and antibiotics
  • Syringes, needles, butterflies and venflons
  • Financing of arteficial limbs for patients
  • Final works on the water project
  • Maintenance on former donated devices (emergency generator, sterilizers, laundry machines etc.)
  • Ultrasoud device donated by University Hospital Innsbruck (it arrived damaged in Ifakara and couldn't be fixed so far)
  • Mobile X-ray device of Siemens Comp.(C-arm)
  • Training of the staff to use the C-arm properly
  • Repair of 14 wheelchairs
  • Theatre cloths new classified and packed
  • Assistence by members of our association in the wards, the theatre and outpatient stations
  • Hygiene controll on all wards and theatre
  • Lectures on SFUCHAS about Cardiology
  • Financing two doctors to become specialist (Dr. George Sadot for Orthopedics, Dr. Anthony Magoda for Urology)
  • Payment of hospital fees for poor patients


  • 3 Microscopes
  • Roche Urysis 1100
  • 2 Adult Weighing Scales and 2 Neonatal Weighing Scales
  • 1 Gradient Anaesthesia Analyzer
  • 1 Graphnet Ventilator
  • 3 Truescope 7'Monitors
  • 1 Drilling Machine
  • 3 Regulators for Oxygen Cylinder
  • 1 Waste Water Bowser (together with the Irish Student Organisation UL Give)
  • Renovation of the toilettes- and washrooms of the wards
  • Repair of a sterilizer in the theatre and of the solar plant
  • Syringes and injection needles
  • Medicaments, esp. Antibiotics, Painkillers etc.
  • Sheets, donated by St. Vincent Sisters in Zams
  • Assistance in treatment of patients in the wards
  • Further financing of two doctors to become spacialists
  • Financing of hospital fees for penniless patients
  • 47 new mattresses and coats for Tumaini


Maintenance of the emergency generator*Repair of three laundry machines and of the solar plant

  • Payment of hospital fees for poor patients
  • Payment of University fees for two doctors to become specialists in Radiology and Orthopedy
  • Thigh prosthesis for a 16 years old patient
  • 1 Tractor New Holland TD80 for waste water management, together with the Irish Student Organisation ULGive
  • Service of the cooling system in the mortuary
  • Repair of the showers in Labour Ward
  • Medicaments, Venflons


  • Full Blood Picture Device for the laboratory together with the Irish Student Organisation M.O.V. ("Medical Overseas Voluntary Electives")
  • 10 Blood Pressure devices
  • Repair and maintenance of the emergency generator, the IPSO laundry machine and the X-Ray machine
  • 300 bales of cotton wool for producing dressing material
  • Roof at the main gate for the security team (sun and rain protection)
  • 40 Bandage scissors
  • Financing of the hospital fees for poor people
  • Medicaments, Venflons and cannulas
  • Reparair and a new pump for the Nazareti borehole
  • 5 Oxygen concentrators
  • 3 Suction machines for the theatre
  • 400 Mosquito nets
  • 200 Boxes investigation gloves
  • Bed linen donated by the St. Vinzenz Nuns in Zams/Tirol
  • Sponsoring of the training of a doctor to become a specialist in Radiology
  • Numbers of small repairs
  • 1 Autoclav


  • Power stabilizer for the X-ray device and installation of a cable from the power distributor to the X-ray
  • Service for the X-ray device
  • X-ray films
  • Spare parts and repair of several laundry machines
  • Repair of the ambulance car
  • New control panel for the emergency generator
  • Service of the solar plant, a new pump and two manometers inclusive
  • New roof for the workshop
  • Diathermy device for the theatre
  • 10 Pulse Oxymeters
  • Gloves sterile and unsterile
  • 1 Bone drill machine
  • Optical devices for the diagnosis of visual
  • acuity, donated by Isser Comp., Innsbruck
  • Eyeglasses
  • ECG paper
  • 3 Blood pressure cuffs for the Schiller monitor
  • 5 blood pressure devices
  • 1 Ohm-meter for the workshop
  • Two computers for the administration
  • Financing the training of a doctor to become specialist in Radiology
  • Sponsoring of penyless patients
  • Repair of 16 wheelchairs
  • Treatment material for Physiotherapy
  • Repair of one of the big sterilizers in the theatre
  • several small repairs
  • Two Tyrolian flags for the hospital forecourt


  • Surgical instruments(scissors, scalpels, esp. instruments for gynecological operations)
  • Surgical clothing and laundering
  • Overhaul of the emergency generator
  • Repair and service of the water system
  • Repair of a hot-water tank of the solar plant
  • Power stabilizer for X-Ray
  • Universal trial frame donated by Isser comp.
  • Innsbruck
  • 1400 Venflons
  • 350 Mosquitonets
  • Medicaments and dressing material
  • Bed linen and blankets donated by St. Vincent Nuns, Zams/Tirol
  • Financing of hospital and transport fees for poor people
  • Further sponsoring the training of two doctors to become specialists in Radiology or Internal Medicine.


  • 7 Oxygen Concentrators sponsered by Linde Comp. Austria
  • Repairing lightning damage to the water system (new lightning rod, new pump for Nazareti borehole)
  • ECG paper
  • 3 x service for the emergency generator
  • Further financing the training of 2 specialists


  • Repairing the Nazareti borehole after a lightning strike (electrical lines and water pipes)
  • New control panel for the boreholes
  • 3 x service of the the emergency generator
  • Repair of 3 washing machines
  • Repairing the cooling of the mortuary
  • New diesel pump for emergency power generator
  • New ventilator fan for emergency power generator
  • Repair of the ambulance car
  • 5 laryngoscopes and accessories
  • Intramedullary nail set and external fixator for bone surgery
  • 35.000 nursing and surgical gloves bought in Tanzania
  • 126.000 gloves + 8160 surgical face masks donated by the Tirolian Government
  • Further financing the training of a doctor to become a specialist in internal medicine
  • Repair of the washing machines
  • 2 times service of emergency generator and purchase of spare parts
  • Repair of water taps
  • 2 controllers for the solar thermal system
  • Circuir board for X-ray machine
  • Flashing of all boreholes
  • 500 impregnated mosquito nets
  • 40 Goretex covers for mattresses
  • 38 jackets and pants of different sizes
  • 30 bandage scissors
  • Preparatory work on the electrical system of the hospital for the planned photovoltaic system.


  • Repair of our old photovoltaic plant
  • Repair of our old thermic solar plant
  • Installation of a new Photovoltaic plant (50MWp) together with BEGECA


  • New Voltage Stabilizer for the X-Ray device
  • Repair of the X-Ray device and installation of a new earthing system for it
  • Delivery of a pallet with linen fabrics for bedsheets, donation of the nuns of Zams Monastery
  • Lowering a new electrical cabel from the emergency generator to the water pumps (1800m)

  • Flashing of the Mayokaborehole and installation of a new Grundfos pump
  • Instalation of a Voltage Stabilizer for the waterpumps





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